Astronomical Twilight

A nightly song: she sings. Within her magnificent shadow there appears projected, a collection of images; an expression of the communities festival experience reflected back to itself.
This is the gift of Astronomical Twilight.


Audience perspective

It is Astronomical Twilight and each night of the festival, she sings her evening gift. The grace of her movement and shape of her skirt amplified as a magnificent silhouette…Within the shadow of her skirt, there appears a collection of projected images gathered from the festival participants of their day that was.

An expression of the communities experience reflected back to itself. This is the nightly gift that is Astronomical Twilight.

 Presenter perspective

Astronomical Twilight is a nightly 15 – 20 minute outdoor performance work on a high iconic structure that can hold a large shadow of Opera Singer- Isabel Hertaeg’s form. Every day of the festival, the community send in the images they collect of their experience…. these could be from a festival mobile phone photo project with a downloading portal… or perhaps a group of young people working with a locally based photographer…or both. These photos are collated and projected into the shadow skirt of the Isabel as she sings. Every evening a new performance that responds to the day that was made by the festival participants and Isabel….

The collective experience reflected back to the community who were part of it….The ever changing evening gift that is Astronomical Twilight.


Presented as a work in progress at the Nati Frinj in 2015 using images from the Shadow Play project, presentation of Astronomical Twilight in this described form would be it’s premiere performance.


"an absolute privilege to be here and witness this... I love it, brought me to tears"

- Nati Frinj Punter at the midnight Creative Development.

The Team:

  • Director : Jillian Pearce
  • Projection Artist: Doug Hockly
  • Opera singer: Isabel Haertag
  • Sound Design and Operation: Greg Ginger Outloook Sound.

Additional Features:

  • Excited to partner with the festival in this premiere of Astronomical Twilight.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6000- 10,000 Lumen projector or stronger (depending on ambient light conditions.)
  • Large light 600 w Profile -good for shadow.
  • Power to site.
  • Local producer
  • Access to one high and iconic structure
  • Traffic and public event management
  • Access to warm up and change room and amenities,