Complimentary Caravan

Step inside Rose Turtle Ertler’s Complimentary Caravan and absorb a soundtrack of spoken compliments recorded from your local community. Bathe in relentless positivity!

“I can live for two months on a good compliment”. (Mark Twain)


To compliment someone is to give a gift, a congratulatory kiss, a sign of approval.

Yes! You’ve made an excellent decision. You’re dancing in the right direction. Your footwork is impeccable!

Step inside this cosy custom built caravan and absorb a soundtrack of spoken compliments from people in your local community; genuine compliments about real people. ‘Bathe’ in relentless words of encouragement and appreciation.

The Complimentary Caravan is an ongoing project which explores the power of words.  Through an growing collection of compliments (both oral and written), Rose Turtle Ertler aims to focus on the effect that positive words can have on our lives.

The caravan is adaptable to locations and events. It works well with the general community or could be a project for a specific group. i.e. youth. Rose trialled an intergenerational version in Maldon where the primary school students recorded a compliment about an elderly person in their life and local elders (including some from the retirement village and nursing home) complimented a young person in their life. This version also included a visual art element with the students illustrating the elders’ compliments which were then made into a small book.

Different elements can be added for each location depending on funding and also the preferred level of engagement with participants.

The Complimentary Caravan is great for festivals, markets, community events and works well in the daytime but can also be lit be very cosy and atmospheric for the evening.

"So humbling. Moved to tears (nice tears!)”

- A caravan visitor

The Team:

  • Rose Turtle Ertler - director/facilitator

Additional Features:

Technical Specifications:

  • A flat area to park the caravan. NOTE:It is light and can be pushed by hand into position if necessary. No electricity is needed. (Battery speakers and solar lights are used.)