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7-10 piece musical ensemble based around the Grampians region. We create energetic, original soundscapes with poetical lyrics expressing the bright and dark sides of human existence.


So who and what is KriTtA?

The facts all point to an interesting blend of musical influences and obsessions. The vast age and life experiences creates a mish mash of odd sounds.   The rhythms and rhymes flow naturally through the human observational lyrics speaking of love, lies, the stupidity of existence and the humour that unites us.

The strange folk that make up KriTtA don’t all play instruments. Is it a danger to society? No, for we come in peace and leave only the echo of a good time.

Go in peace, come in peace. xx

Seeing, Blind, Body, Mind, Find, Lose, He moves / She moves

- KriTta

The Team:

  • Craig Jackson – Lead Vocals
  • Dave Patterson – Lead Guitar
  • Jess Gardner – Alto Saxophone, Recorder, Vocals & Auxillary Percussion
  • Oliver Miller – Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Earl – Didgeridoo
  • Malcolm Hill - Drums, Guitar
  • Rae Perry - Tenor Saxophone

Additional Features:

  • Lucy Bowen – Trumpet, Vocals
  • Richard Hudson - Percussion, Vocals, Onesies
  • Noah Dubs - Bass guitar, Sound Technician
  • Jay Artz - Guitar, Sound Technican / Producer
  • Pat Calvird - Bass Guitar

Technical Specifications: