Oliver is the last person on a world ravaged by climate change. The audience is invited to join his last moments at a remote site.


Oliver’s Tale, a bleak look at the probable consequences of our current Western lifestyles on one man, was original performed on a remote salt lake with battery powered lighting. It was performed by Greg Pritchard, with Anna Loewendahl as dramaturg and director (Thieves). Oliver’s Tale was funded by the Australia Council’s Theatreboard and Horsham Rural City Council. It was to be performed in November 2011 but was cancelled due to an extreme weather event. It was rescheduled and successfully performed to small audiences in February 2012.

A tight show designed for site specific performance. Tragic. Intimate. Funny. Energetic. Theatre critic James Garret described Greg Pritchard’s performance as “commanding”.

Audiences should prepare to be taken to a place unlike any they have ever experience. Some effort is required to see this show and it stays with you.

The Team:

  • Greg Pritchard: writer, performer.
  • Anna Lowendahl: Director, dramaturg and lighting.
  • Ushers.

Additional Features:

Technical Specifications:

  • Car battery and Inverter (preferably solar charged)
  • 2 Par 20s, 1 par 16 and 1 par 30
  • 4 channel dimmer and desk (or equivalent)
  • No recorded sound.