Something’s afoot

Something's afoot…In the Dead of the Night


A site specific, bicycle powered musical event made in collaboration with 8 Foot Felix. A work with a strong focus on active audience participation. The audience must literally create the energy to drive the show forwards.

Commissioned for the 2013 Nati-Frinj festival and performed by 8-Foot Felix as part of Art Pumping action, a collaboration between, ACTnatimuk and the Village Festival.

This project was created with the support of VicHealth and Festivals Australia.

The Team:

  • Will Tait
  • Brendon Jones
  • Tomm Starr
  • Steve Turncock

Additional Features:

Technical Specifications:

  • Could suit indoor or outdoor venue. requires stage space for seven performers plus room for 4 bikes and stands. No electricity required. Show produces own power