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A new experiential theatre work in progress that explores the theatrical potential of emerging VR technology.


∀Rapiles is a new experiential theatre work exploring the theatrical potential of emerging VR technology. This highly interactive work brings together an innovative combination of VR, Augmented Reality, live video, stereoscopic 360 footage, motion-tracking and tactile interaction with a live performer that will leave audience members questioning the validity of their own eyesight.

The work is presented as being a scientific experiment on the cusp of a breakthrough, where Audience members sign up as guinea pigs. This premise sets the stage for the delivery a suite of VR and AR experiences even as it explores the ethical and moral dilemmas at the frontiers of science when the urge to be first outweighs one’s own moral obligations.

∀Rapiles will be entirely created in the regional township Natimuk by renowned local artists Dave Jones and Greg Pritchard and premiered at the Nati Frinj Biennale (Nov 2017) as one of the centerpieces of this year’s festival.

The Team:

  • Dave Jones
  • Greg Pritchard

Additional Features:

Technical Specifications: