FaceOff is all about fun. It is design for audience members to be a part of the projections (quite literally). A live video feed will allow audience members to have their faces captured in real time and a stylised rendition of their faces to be projected up onto the building/rockface/tree/etc. 


FaceOff is all about fun. It is design for audience members to be a part of the projections (quite literally). A live video feed will allow audience members to have their faces captured in real time and a stylised rendition of their faces to be projected up onto the building/rockface/tree/etc. To be a part of the action the audience member puts their face through the hole in the photo booth an instantly their appear up large. The person in the booth is able to see their face projected up large and see it respond in real time as they perform or interact with the crowd. This is an incredibly flexible work that can be setup in any number of configurations depending on the site. It is possible to run multiple faces up onto a single the wall simultaneously so that people can play with their friends and families or interact with one another. Equally, a number of smaller sites could be set up through a park (for example) so that people could wander through the space and take turns at being a rock a bush, a garden shed or a waterfall. Generally there is nothing people are more interested in that themselves and audiences will be queuing to have a turn at the unique opportunity to be the star of the show. Everyone will want a photo of themselves and the resulting images that spread through social media will offer terrific promotion for the festival.

The Team:

  • Dave Jones

Additional Features:

  • Interactive Projection installation

Technical Specifications:

  • Night Time Projection Event
  • Requires electricity
  • Weatherproof housing for projectors