the space that binds us


Activate your community’s architectural sites, with a site-specific project by five artists who respond through sculpture, video, sound, live art, humour and interactive installation, to explore the potentially endless history of connectedness to each place.


Audience perspective
The space that binds us is a collection of visual art installations and performances, that explores the historical aspects of the town during an Arts festival.Each site specific art installation uses memory, archive materials and cultural reference as part of their armature. The artists response inhabits these spaces as a form of enquiry and activation; through sculpture, live art, humour and pop culture,the potentially endless history of our connectedness is explored. Witness your community and visitors come together to share a new common ground as it unfolds within your local iconic structure.
Presenter perspective
The spaces that bind us develops new site responsive works for 4-5 historic buildings in your township. The buildings are chosen for their thematic relevance and accessibility. Each project artist will visit during a 4 weekend residency, and creatively respond to one of site. This process creates art experiences relevant to your community.

Such an engaging & respectful way to evoke the history of a place

- NatiFrinj 2015 attendee

The Team:

  • Lead artist /Curator: Alison Eggleton
  • Artists: Katie Jacobs (Melbourne based)
  • Kasia Lynch (Melbourne based)
  • One additional artist selected by curator TBC
  • One artist from the host town, selected by the curator
  • Technical / Production assistant: ideally a technician local to the host town
  • Photo Documentation: Anthony Pelchen ( Natimuk)

Additional Features:

  • Potential to create a Walk Tour led by the project artists as an in-conversation walking tour between each project site, offering the opportunity to ask questions and find out what makes the artists creatively tick!

Technical Specifications:

  • 5 people – site residency over five weeks includes event weekend .
  • Access to 4-5 historic architectural interior spaces with power connected
  • Power and light according to site specific structure
  • Traffic and public management
  • Access to amenities and drinking water for artists