Greg Pritchard

  Greg Pritchard  is a writer, performer and visual artist, working conceptually and digitally. He has been part of the creative team on large projects with Y Space and Transience since 2003. In NSW, he was Artistic Director of the Opening of the Regional Arts Australia conference/festival Artlands Dubbo, and a key artist in the CAD Factory’s On Common Ground (2015.) He facilitated a large silo event, Tangled, in Rutherglen (2015) and projected onto the Geurie Silos as part of the #bringtolight project. Whilst he was in NSW he also was part of the Round Up creative development with Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, who used to work with renowned European outdoor theatre company Dog Troep, famous for their large outdoor spectacles. Greg also creates smaller theatre and performance with the company he co-produces with Anna Loewendahl, Thieves. With this work, they specialise in found spaces and sites, shadow and solid puppetry and high-tech and low-fi performance, such as the Theatreboard funded Oliver’s Tale on a remote Wimmera salt-lake. Greg has created work in Indonesia, Senegal, Vietnam and Singapore. He is currently General Manager of ACT Natimuk, the organisation that runs the cultural program in that small Wimmera Town, including the Nati Frinj Biennale which he co-founded in 1999. He is a key Natimuk artists and has created work for every festival. Greg was Creative Producer of Poppet, a large celebratory performance for the Regional Centre of Culture program in Bendigo in October 2018. In NSW he also worked as Cementa Festival (Kandos) and Wired Lab (Cootamundra) Production Manager. His arts practice is diverse, with a Literature PhD and Masters in Shadows and Performance. He is a writer, performer, and conceptual artist. His visual art and theatre making includes contemporary digital technologies.