In My Day


Revitalise and imortalise the oral history of your town with a unique animated film project. In My Day gets the whole community involved with young children animating the stories told by the older generation.


The first In My Day film, made in collaboration with the children of Natimuk Primary School, went on to win “Best Animation” at the Melbourne International Film Festival as well as “Best Australian Animation” at the Melbourne Animation International Festival. Since then a series of these films have been created in towns around Australia, each one capturing the unique aspects of a given community and collectively serving to build a unique cross section of Australia.

The Team:

  • Director: Dave Jones
  • Animation Team: You

Additional Features:

  • Creating an animated film to celebrate the oral history of your community

Technical Specifications:

  • Creation of a 5-10minute animated film.
  • A 2 week residency 6 weeks prior to film premiere.