Virtual Bike


Now you too can explore exciting new worlds from the comfort of your own exercise bike.


This installation combines a sensor laden bike to track your every move with cutting edge Virtual Reality goggles to deliver a suite of bicycle powered games for a crowd of all ages.

Motivate your  audience to get active today.

For the Rider:

The sensors in the bike translate your movements into the virtual world…Pedal to move and steer to navigate…the faster you pedal the faster you go. Just like a bike…Only virtual. A range or experiences and worlds have been created for you to explore…Race up a mountain, Fly a bike powered DaVinciesque helicopter or round up some sheep. It can be a reltively slow paced exploration or an arenaline pounding experience…its up to the rider to decide.

For the Spectators:

A Screen mounted in front of the rider gives the wider audience a rider’s eye view of the world. Cheer your friends on as they push themselves to the limit.


The Virtual Bike was originally created for the 2013 Nati-Frinj festival as part of the Art Pumping Action suite of installations designed to get audiences active.  The  Virtual Bike has since toured to the Lorne Falls festival and a number of other events.

The Team:

  • Dave Jones

Additional Features:

Technical Specifications:

  • Readily tourable
  • Work can be bumped in in a matter of hours.
  • Requires a weatherproof (powered) site roughly 2x3 meters.