Turning waste into wonder!
A solar lit array made from readily accessible and reclaimed materials.
Suitable for community groups, irrespective of age or experience.
Incandescent shines a light on how much we use, what we thrown away & the impact on our natural world.


A hands-on workshop enables participants to design, make and test their very own solalit sculpture. Drawing on classic botanical forms, workshop participants will create bespoke and weatherproof lamp like forms from reclaimed materials. Each piece is then connected to a simple circuit and timer. Each piece forms part of a collective installation wired together in a configuration that best suits the site. The soft light generated at night can transforms entry points, pathways, podiums and stages into warm, inviting and original locations.
Alternatively the artist can create and install Incandescent as a straight commission with no community workshop.
The temporary solar light installation can be in place for up to three months.

It is hard to believe such a magical garden is made from waste

- NatiFrinj 2015 attendee

The Team:

  • Artistic Producer: Carolynne Hamdorf
  • Technician: Kane Hendy

Additional Features:

  • Highly suitable for events that have an environmental or sustainability theme

Technical Specifications:

  • Outdoor site, clear of underground water, electrical or telecommunication lines.
  • Installations can ground or aerially mounted.
  • Ground based installations are best placed in areas of low foot traffic, preferably in soft pliable surfaces like sand or mulch. Can be placed in existing garden beds.
  • Aerially placed installations able to be installed on structurally stable frame, trees, archways, pergolas.
  • 50 completed lights weigh approximately 10 kilos
  • Whether ground or aerially mounted, both propositions require a 2.5- 3 m vantage point to secure a small solar unit.