Your local band rotunda transformed into a giant glowing lantern from which images dance and play to create a world of colour, shadow and light. Just on dark gather around this luminescent performance space to experience your community stories emanating from the internal secrets of the Lantunda.


Lantunda gives communities the opportunity to tell their story using the magical medium of light and shadow. Many communities have an underused performance space in their midst that can be easily turned into a giant lantern to host moving images, shadows and colours-the local band rotunda. Working with invited artists who love exploring the possibilities of light and shadow and partnering with local artists, communities develop their own unique images depicting aspects of who they are and where they live. Locally sourced performers deliver the content to an audience who view the light illusions from one vantage point or move around the circular stage to experience the performance from different angles. Accompanying sound and music may be an original composition sourced locally or an imported product.

Lantunda Portarlington for the National Celtic Festival 2017


The Team:

  • Director/producer Mary French
  • Creative director/choreographer Jillian Pearce
  • Consultant Carolynne Hamdorf
  • Musician or visual artist sourced from the local community (optional)

Additional Features:

  • A variety of additional light sources are supplied.
  • Additional materials are all included.

Technical Specifications:

  • A band rotunda or other structure that can support screens to act as a projection surfaces.
  • Appropriate surround viewing space for the audience.
  • Rehearsal space that can be darkened and access to amenities.
  • A power source close by or a generator.
  • Sound technician.
  • Surround sound system for 360 degree audience area.
  • Up to eight overhead projectors sourced locally.
  • Shadow screens custom made to fit the performance space. Materials are included in the budget but a local person may be needed to assist with screen manufacture.