Transvision Theatre's Make My Play is a week long artist-in-residency creating new short plays with a community. Through an intensive theatre making and writing process each group will make one or more short plays for public performance.


Make My Play is committed to revealing the diversity of voices in Australia facilitating a localvore approach, where theatre is made & enjoyed locally. Make My Play aims to skill people up to keep their work alive within their community and beyond.

  • For the Festival

Do you want to engage local community in your venue, festival or event in an accessible, inventive and enduring project? Are there people seeking new ways of creatively connecting with their community? Do you want a series of short shows to entertain your local audience in unexpected ways? Do you want new locally produced work to stay in the community after your festival or event has finished?

Great! Make My Play is a short (3-7 day) community residency to devise a short plays (3mins-10mins) exploring burning issues, stories or passions.

We create Make My Play through a robust artistic process:

  • Transvision Theatre’s Make My Play is a week long artist-in-residency creating new short plays with a community. Through an intensive theatre making and writing process each group will make one or numerous short plays for public performance.
  • Theatre making techniques and performance training are a core part of the process, preparing participants for their performances.
  • The project doesn’t need skilled actors just people committed to making a play about a burning issue or story for them. The project sees us all as experts in our own lives with something important to express.
  •  We will provide online support for the performance into the future, including an online script and, where possible, a video of the performance.
  • The group performs and manages the plays– the plays are ‘owned’ by those who create them. Through a supported process of teaching skills plus the sharing of a guideline document we assist participants to rehearse and present the play into the future.

Make My Play could take place in your venue as a season of short works or at a festival or unusual local site. This isn’t a one size fits all project …it is your play after all.

  • For the Audience/Community

If you were to make a play – what would it be about? How would you perform it? What secret might you share or funny or moving moment in your life? If you have ever wanted to make a play – this is your opportunity to create one, and share your creation with your community. The play can be about anything – you are the expert in your own life! You could be a senior member of the community and have some wise words to share in a monologue, you may be a man who has lived in Australia for two months and wants to share your traditional dance and have a chat about it with the audience. You could be a group of young people keen to share your thoughts on partying through a physical theatre play or a posse of pet lovers who want to write love songs for their pets. This could be your play. But we are sure you will have other stories to tell.

Through an intensive theatre making and writing workshop you will create a short play and learn the skills to keep performing that play long into the future if you choose to do so. After all…it is your play.

  • History

Transvision’s Make My Play arose from over ten years of engagement within communities to make performance. We recognised a disjuncture between the desire for embodied expression (making the art ourselves) and the lack of opportunities to put this into action. What has been most striking is that a top-down, fly-in fly–out, approach to community engagement isn’t satisfying for us as artists or sustaining for the communities we work within. We had to address the creative ownership and legacy issues of our play-making and Make My Play was formed. Make My Play is currently being rolled out statewide and nationally, to meet its aim of vitalizing poly-vocal expression of the Australian nation through locally made theatre.

TransVision Theatre is a professional, community based arts company. We have a long history of working with communities & in partnership  to devise performances around a variety of issues or stories. We have helped create plays about love, drought, adult financial literacy, people with disabilities and sex, binge drinking, seniors and imagination, women who have survived family violence, and much more.

TransVision has a good reputation within the community for presenting effective and engaging performance. I was very impressed with the quality of the script and the strength of the performances. Even though I saw the show at least ten times there was one scene that made my skin crawl every time!

- Martin Bride – Manager Ontrack Adult Learning, 2008

The Team:

  • Director: Anna Loewendahl
  • Artist: Caitlin Dullard
  • Artist: Jim Lawson

Additional Features:

  • We look forward to partnering with your organisation, community & venue.
  • Duration of Play Making: 3 – 7 full days
  • Groups size: 1 – 25 people
  • Age of participants: 13 – 103
  • Performance Outcomes: Plays can be performed in venues, creating a series of short works or for outdoor festivals or events or organisations seeking locally made works.

Technical Specifications:

  • MMP has very low production needs so it can be performed easily in the future. At most, in the past, we have used 5 head mics, a music system to connect to a computer and basic general wash lighting.