Poppet Post #5


The home stre——–tch!

As you will see from the photo thanks to our 3 wonderful, creative, Natimuk riggers, we have been rehearsing with 2 out of the 3 ‘skins’ up. To make up the aerial performance team, along with the 3 experienced aerialists, we are training 3 young local people from Central Victoria. They are coming along in leaps and bounds – literally.  Check out footage of one of their rehearsals this week.

The project got a great write up in Melbourne’s Broadsheet publication so just follow the link if you want to read an engaging comprehensive wrap up of the aerial work, the training, the ACT Natimuk artists and the project.

A reminder too, if you are in or round Bendigo on Friday October 12th (yes – just next week) you can get a sneak preview at an open rehearsal we are holding from 8-10 pm during Artlands Victoria, the Biennial Regional Arts Australia Conference hosted this year by Regional Arts Victoria. (Actually given the location on a Poppet Head on top of Camp Hill in the Centre of Bendigo it may be hard to miss!!)

Point of interest: given the shape of the Poppet head all the projected images and indeed the projectors themselves will need to be in ‘profile’ aspect.

For further information or inquiries about this project or other Made in Natimuk work please email producer@madeinnatimuk.com

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