Smaller Works


A collection of smaller works created by Natimuk artists that could be repeated at other festivals.


The Nati Frinj also produces small works suitable for many festivals. Rather than give them a page each we have collected them here.

In 2009 Hannah French and local children created the beautiful Once Upon A Time in Natimuk, a community story told in light and pictures progressively throughout the town. These were delicate shadow installations in local shopfronts. This is a project that would translate well into any community, telling their stories.

Anna Loewendahl has conducted twirl classes, teaching participants how to safely spin like a Dervish.

Smaller works include such things as Greg Pritchard’s Square Pegs, giant inflatable coloured shapes that add colour to any event.

Greg is the Frinj master of ephemera, with such projects as the wrapped railway bridge, Blue Poles, and The Frame, described in The Age by Kim Smee as the most beautiful work of art she’d seen. This ‘ephemeral’ piece was standing in situ for over 9 years and in 2015 was made permanent by Horsham Rural City Council.

More recently (2013) Greg created the Crap Dance Party in the old Natimuk gaol cell, a dance party that needed three people to activate it. This could appear in any small festival space.

Thieves (Greg Pritchard and Anna Loewendahl) also ran a national short poetry contest and projected the winning entries on a large flashing road sign.

The 2015 Nati Frinj Festival saw Hannah develop two more small scale works.
Draw what you see, draw what you think you see
 was a simple set up, with picture frames capturing iconic views of Natimuk – the silos and the creek. The picture frames were accompanied by chairs, pens, paper and the directive – Draw what you see, or draw what you think you see. The resulting artworks were displayed online.

I’ll tell you a story recounted a childhood tale, animated and projected onto a three-dimensional face in a dark and intimate gaol cell. This video installation was developed as part of the 2015 Nati Frinj Rising Lights project and as a storytelling medium is highly adaptable for personal and community storytelling projects.

The Team:

  • Greg Pritchard: Artist, producer.
  • Hannah French: Artist, producer.

Additional Features:

  • Small scale works.
  • Ephemeral.
  • Flexible.

Technical Specifications:

  • Various (but minimal) depending on the work