Red vs Blue


Pedal powered unicycle riding puppets vie for supremacy.


For the Riders:

Challenge your opponent to a duel. the faster you go on the treadmill the faster you unicyclist will ride. But its a match of skill as well as endurance…Too fast around the corners and your puppet will stumble…A rookies error that might just cost you the race…Due to the design age is not a consideration. it is quite possible for a young child to compete with an adult.

For the Festival:

A colourful addition to any festival. the two life sized puppets make their way around the circuit…seemingly with a life of their own as the festival goers line up to tke turns bringing them to life.


The Virtual Bike was originally created for the 2013 Nati-Frinj festival as part of the Art Pumping Action suite of installations designed to get audiences active.  The Virtual Bike has since toured to the Lorne Falls festival.

The Team:

  • Dave Jones
  • Anthony Schellens

Additional Features:

  • Puppets
  • Active Participation
  • Self Powered

Technical Specifications:

  • Requires 4x10 meter flat space with scope for anchor points.
  • Can be indoor or outdoor.
  • No power required.