What is?

Made in Natimuk (MiN)

MiN is a suite of work created at and/or inspired by the small yet vibrant Victorian township of Natimuk. Collectively known as “the MiN Dance Card”… you can choose a work to suit your event/festival/community and come dance with us.

What is the Nati Frinj Festival/MiN connection?

If you haven’t been to the Nati Frinj Festival, you’ve missed out on the greatest secret in Australian arts. This amazing artist driven art festival is created by a small town of just 500 people four hours West of Melbourne in Victoria. Natimuk nestles near the unique landform Mt Arapiles (Djurite), an internationally acclaimed climbing attraction. This iconic feature and the people drawn to it weave their particular magic on the work created in this landscape.

The festival, which began in 2000, is renowned for producing excellent art. Every two years, work of great quality and innovation is created. Collectively, this work has a unique brand that is quintessentially raw, edgy and audacious. This work collectively becomes the Made in Natimuk brand.

Hosted by ACT Natimuk, Made in Natimuk unifies the energies and informs the producing capacity of the artists, their work and the ”brand” coming from Natimuk.

In the early years its projects were amongst the forefront of digital building projections with shows like Space and Place, at the same time setting standards for community engagement.

Projects like Dave Jones’ Highly Strung & Virtual Bike, and Jillian Pearce’s  Opera in the Air, continue to be innovative. Natimuk artists also create work outside the festival context including recent developments by Thieves’ of Feed and Y Space’s Styckx.

Companies like Y Space, Transience and Thieves, and individual Natimuk artists make up a catalogue of excellent work that is the Made in Natimuk Dance Card. We invite other presenters to share this great work with their audiences and join us in a dance!

If you are interested in any of the works from the MiN Dance Card please email:    producer [at] madeinnatimuk.com